Business Analytics & Benchmarking

Celedinas Insurance Group and MMA believe that benchmarking is a powerful tool which can provide your corporation’s decision makers and senior leadership with critical input for optimizing decisions.   Benchmarking provides the ability to compare a measurement to a standard set within your firm or one derived from a peer group, and can be beneficial to those responsible for risk management and insurance procurement.


Having access to the right data and analytical tools increases the understanding of an organization’s risk, leads to innovative solutions and implementation strategies, validates decisions and helps reduce total cost of risk.  We help our clients understand their risks, evaluate alternatives and reach the best decisions with substantiated data and analyses.  To better understand how benchmarking can benefit your organization, please click here.


These benchmarking capabilities/services help reduce total cost of risk:

  • Measuring limits
  • Retentions
  • Rates
  • Losses