Long Term Strategies for Sustainable Health Care Plans

Employers need to understand their current and future risk exposures in order to create programs and solutions to help control rising health care costs.  At Celedinas Insurance Group and MMA, we partner with clients to identify risk, measure potential financial exposures, and offer long-term strategies to allow for a sustainable health care plan.


Identify Risk and Manage Cost


Our dedicated actuarial team will measure possible cost impacts and risk exposures to your benefits programs.  Utilizing our proprietary actuarial models, our professionals will assess the risk/reward trade off around plan designs, population health management approaches, and contribution strategies.


Celedinas and MMA are uniquely positioned to offer employers insight into their specific medical drivers – both from a utilization and unit cost basis.  We offer employers the solutions, programs, and strategies necessary to protect their capital and improve the financial performance of their organization through the use of our staff actuary.


Our Approach


Our knowledgeable professionals work with you to identify complex issues and find the right way to manage your risk.

  • Identify opportunities to  lower risk, increase efficiency and reduce cost
  • Expose new and emerging risk
  • Determine the financial impact to your benefits programs
  • Design benefits programs, strategies and approaches to help the financial performance of your business


Custom Solutions


Through our experience with employers ranging from small firms to Fortune 500 companies, we better understand your needs and provide creative solutions that fit your unique situation using both fully insured and self-insured plans.  We offer custom solutions and programs that will allow you to adapt and set strategies to plan for risk changes.  Our goal is to help you better understand your risk, evaluate alternatives and reach fact based decisions with the data and analysis to back them up.


Actuarial Services

  • Actuarial Relative Values
  • Evaluation of Carrier and TPA Network Cost Structure
  • Premium Equivalent Rates
  • Benefits Decrements Analysis
  • IBNR (incurred but not reported) Claim Reserves
  • Mental Health Parity Testing

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