Data Analytics

Proactively managing health care costs presents a challenge to employers.  Celedinas and MMA can help you get ahead of the cost curve with tools to help you measure the success of your benefits programs and identify new strategies.


Establishing a claims data repository with your medical, pharmacy and eligibility data enables you to retain historical claims data, evaluate data for specific recommendations to your population results, track plan costs and develop cost management strategies.  This will ensure consistency in reporting and measurement if medical and pharmacy vendors change.


This gives the employer insights and strategies to stay ahead of rising health care costs, and offers mid-size companies the same sophisticated and effective data analytic capabilities typically only available to much larger employers.


Celedinas and MMA have the tools, data and expertise to help you take proactive steps to manage costs and implement the right programs for your company.  Our health care professionals are experienced in enhanced health care plan management and oversight, health insurance, employee benefits and wellness.  As health care cost management strategies continue to evolve, we help you put the right programs in place to have a significant and long-term impact on the health of your employees and your business.

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