Health Improvement Reduces Health Benefits Utilization

Many employers are seeking solutions to better manage their employee benefits costs, as medical expenses continue to rise globally.  There is a growing demand for wellness and health improvement programs used to promote healthy lifestyles.  These programs can minimize the impact of claims due to disability, improve employee attendance and productivity, reduce stress, improve psychological well being, and ultimately reduce health care costs.


Celedinas and MMA have developed and implemented comprehensive wellness programs for many employers.  Our recommendations include developing multi-year strategies, with each year progressing in the scope of the program.  We advocate using premium contributions and benefits to differentiate those who are actively participating and/or improving their lifestyles and controllable risk factors.


In order to strategically impact medical trends and health care dollars, employers must implement wellness programs.  Fact based data and analysis should be used to guide employers on the focus of the program, and we recommend the use of customized employee communications, which lead to employee participation and greater success.


Employer initiated health improvement programs work because developing a healthier workforce is the only way to reduce health benefits utilization.  The continued rapid increase in medical costs is frustrating to both employers and employees, and these increases are eroding the value of benefits plans.  Employers need to have a clearly defined health improvement strategy, as wellness programs are a multi-year process.


There are many questions among employers on the veracity of health improvement and wellness plans. 


  • How can employers incentivize and encourage employees to participate in wellness plans and make changes in their behavior?
  • How are participation levels affected with varying incentives?
  • What is the financial impact to the employer?
  • What is the ROI associated with these programs?


Celedinas and MMA will work with you to answer these and other questions you have and to help your health improvement program provide value and return on investment.  For further information, please click here.