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In the ever-changing world of employee benefits, the need for a specialist has never been greater. As health insurance premiums continue to trend upward and compliance mandates grow more complex every day, you need the assistance of an experienced insurance professional. Celedinas Insurance Group’s Employee Benefits Division offers a suite of services designed specifically to meet the needs of employers today, and prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow.

Our Employee Benefits Division is comprised of a team of insurance advisors with the business acumen and experience necessary to deliver best-in-class service, consultation, and financial results. While many brokers try to “wear all hats,” we focus specifically on employer-sponsored insurance plans. Let our experts help you manage the issues you face today and position your company for success.

Employee Benefits Services:

  • Contract and rate negotiation for all group insurance products
  • Timeline management
  • Open enrollment management and support
  • Online enrollment and billing technology solutions
  • Comprehensive employee communication and education
  • Employee health advocate services, guiding employees through administration or claims issues
  • Compliance audits encompassing all state and federal mandates
  • Health insurance reform education, planning, and strategy
  • Contribution modeling to help meet employer budget targets
  • Quarterly claims reviews and renewal projections
  • Third-party consulting to evaluate the efficacy of current programs
  • Surveys and benchmarking studies

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