Consultative Claims

Celedinas and MMA have experienced claims advocates with the expertise to support you through the process.  We understand how claims can directly and indirectly impact your business, and our goal is to reduce costs associated with claims. 


Our professional advisors take a proactive approach in managing your claims – both before and after a loss.  To learn more about managing your claims, click here.


Areas of Expertise:


Special Claims Handling

Quantify and manage compliance 

Draft service expectations

Identify key individuals

Facilitate communication between the client and the insurance company


Claims Reporting

Counsel client to report incident within 24 hours

Complete documentation on the incident

Initiate and complete an internal investigation

Report directly to insurance company on more problematic claims


Claims Tracking

Track open claims and review action plans

Develop alternate strategies

Determine potential for recovery

Assess litigation strategy

Resolution of coverage disputes


Claims Audits

Verify insurance company’s claims performance

Understand insurance company’s internal procedures and level of experience

Verify compliance with instructions

Conduct personnel interviews and review documentation


Workers’ Compensation Cost Management

Pre- and Post-incident services

24/7 availability

Private industry, insurance company and brokerage experience


TPA Selection

Determine client’s needs

RFP and RFI invitations and evaluate responses

Attend TPA presentations


RMIS System Evaluation

Familiar with top 5 RMIS systems

Web design consultant available to customize loss data importation and manipulation

RFP and RFI engagements

Response evaluation


Service Reviews

Periodic review of overall service

Develop relationships of parties

Establish action plan for current service issues

Determine future needs

Review specific claims