International Resources

Today’s marketplace demands a global strategy.  Celedinas and MMA understand the risk management challenges inherent in building a global operation.  Our professional advisors partner with you to design customized insurance programs and risk management solutions that will help you meet your international business goals. Our partnerships with worldwide networks enable us to offer the same local service and expertise that clients expect from MMA.  Our international team of experts works solely with clients that have international exposures to deliver cost effective products with optimal coverage terms, while staying in compliance with local business requirements.


Through our partnership with World Broker Network, we have representatives in 137 countries around the world in various industries.  Our experience in servicing clients with overseas operations, foreign subsidiaries and those that export products is extensive. 


We offer seamless management of our clients’ international insurance programs with a unique combination of central control and local flexibility.  We identify your risk exposures, confirm coverage requirements and use best practices in risk management and insurance procurement.  Our experienced advisors provide updates on regulatory requirements, and offer assistance with claims management.  To learn more about global risk management, please click here.


Our international network offers expert support in:



Laws and local regulations

Local tax issues


International Property & Casualty Coverage

General Liability                                                    Crime and Fidelity                

Property                                                                  Professional Liability

Kidnap and Ransom                                              Directors’ and Officers’ Liability

Business Travel Accident                                      Cargo

Foreign Voluntary Workers’ Compensation


Employee Benefits for Multinational Companies

International and multi-national employees all have different needs and concerns.  Our professional consultants have extensive experience developing and marketing your international plans.  Make sure your employees have the right coverage by speaking with one of our International Benefits experts.  They will work with you to find the best strategy for your organization.


Benefits Solutions for Specialized Situations

Government contractors



Oil & Gas Sectors

High risk areas and groups in war zones

Trailing dependents in the US

Local subsidiaries and non-US hires

Programs that match European and Asian standards

Missionaries, student delegations and inbound/outbound travel groups